Faces of War

Faces of War 2.0

A truly challenging World War II time strategy game where your tactical choices really matter
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Command American, English, Soviet and German troops during world-renowned battles that include D-Day, new winter missions and the storming of Berlin.
Through the eyes of Allied, German and Russian squad leaders, experience the most immersive World War II time strategy game where each battle is played out and won differently based on your tactical choices.

Other main features:

--- GEM Engine: the ultimate 3D RTS Engine with a shocking level of performance

* Complex team AI for new tactical opportunities: AI controlled soldiers don't simply execute any order given by a player, they think how to do it in the most efficient and safe way.
* Realistic physics: anything can be destroyed or manipulated and used to player's advantage.
* Camera angles and zooming effects for a complete immersion.
* Amazing Level of details

--- Your role and decisions are of major importance

* As squad leader and with complete freedom, combine real-time strategy with advanced tactics.
* Improvised player tactics, advanced AI reactions and real time physics guarantee players that missions will never be fought the same way.

--- Strong multiplayer

* Up To 16 players via LAN / Internet.
* Co-op play with up to 4 players.
* 8 or more multiplayer modes, including free-for-all and team-based matches.

A truly entertaining and challenging World War II time strategy game where your tactical choices really matter.

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